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We are excited to finally announce the upcoming release of “Senja Chronicles,” an action-packed adventure book set in and around Northern Norway's fabled Segla Mountain!


Join the Scandinavian hunter Sigurd and NATO’s Echo Team as they embark on a mission to save his missing daughter, battle cave-dwelling trolls, uncover WW2 secrets, escape through old German tunnels and discover ancient Norse legends in this gripping tale.


Written by Fansu Njie and Christopher M. Allport, this 550-page novel was released on Amazon April 14, 2023 and packed with stunning illustrations. Official book cover by @marianomattosart. Follow us for more updates as we get closer to the release date!

LAST MAN DOWN    (feature)

Director:  Fansu Njie

Screenwriter:  Andreas Vasshaug

Story: Fansu Njie, Daniel Stisen

Genre:  Action

Release dates:

19th October 2021 DVD/blueray/Itunes/Amazon etc.

16th February 2022 Netflix US/UK/AUS, etc.


John Wood leaves the civilization to return to his woodland roots after a virus pandemic shocked the world and tragically killed off his family.

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Interview with Fansu Njie (29th Nov 2021)

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