FANSU FILM is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company produces commercials, short films and develop both features and TV-series.


CEO Fansu Njie is an award-winning, Swedish film director whose career spans two decades. Old Westerns, Kung Fu movies and Sci-Fi horrors greatly influenced his modern approach. Adept as a Steadicam operator, and a DoP, Fansu quickly accelerated into directing and content development.  With great respect for each craft, Fansu quickly builds strong teams that work well in production.


Regarded as a serious commercial director in the Swedish market, Fansu´s credits include hundreds of TV commercials, music videos and short films.


Additionally, Fansu directed the multi award-winning Bad Dreams (Prime-Time SVT), Crackaparkz (Sweden´s First Hip Hop Comedy Feature) and a host of award-winning shorts.




"The past is history, tomorrow a mystery... but today is a gift. That's why it is called the present."

– Bil Keane