LAST MAN DOWN    (feature)

Director:  Fansu Njie

Screenwriter:  Andreas Vasshaug

Story: Fansu Njie, Daniel Stisen

Genre:  Action


John Wood leaves the civilisation to go back to his roots in the woodland, after a virus pandemic shocked the world and tragically killed off his family.


Director:  Fansu Njie

Story & Concept: Fansu Njie

Screenwriters:  Fansu Njie, Christopher M. Allport

Genre:  Action/Adventure​/Horror


A former Norwegian soldier loses his family in a terrifying home invasion. With the help from a group of NATO-commandos they hunt the villains through old war tunnels.

Something unknown await them in the dark, ready to attack.

RESTRAINER  (feature)

Directors:  Fansu Njie & Filipp Korshunov

Screenwriters:  Fansu Njie & Filipp Korshunov

Genre:  Horror/Thriller​


Gratitude from a madman has an entirely different meaning; to release our hero Frank from his obligations and kill everyone close to him.